The Problem

Stock grants and options have been great at aligning founder and employee interests with startups. But sometimes you just need money now, not nine years later when the company goes public and lock-outs are lifted. Currently, the process is always difficult, usually expensive+difficult and sometimes impossible.

Sometimes companies outright restrict such sales. When sales are not restricted, you are often faced with huge upfront option exercise payments and tax bills, in exhcange for stock which will still be illiquid for years to come. Buying a house in The Bay Area starts to seem impossible.

Add to this the uncertainty of actual stock/option value and you have a real problem. Want to throw in a monkey wrench? Consider the added complexity of multiple stock classes, liquidity preferences, future financing round impacts and tax bills. Some startup employees got together and created a solution.

The complexity of liquidating private startup stock stems from several related problems. We've come up with an approach that works across all the problems. We are also developing standardized documents for the technology community to use, which aims to make the entire industry run smoothly.

Problem: Opaque Market

Like in public markets, demand for your stock is vast. Unfortunately private stock demand is invisible and managed by inefficient, siloed brokers. We capture all availability via a Central Limit Order Book with easy entry. No prolonged "getting to know you" meetings with brokers. One simple form...done.

Problem: Sales Restrictions

Some startups explicitly restrict sales. This is unfair to employees and we've come up with synthetic sales soutions for such cases. We can effectively liquidate your positions via derivatives, cleared and settled on the blockchain, 100% binding.

Problem: Small Positions

Smaller equity grants create situations where transaction costs exceed the profits. We can bundle your equity with your colleagues' equity and facilitate a single consolidated sale. We can do 1:1, 1:x, x:1 or x:x transactions.

Problem: Tiny Positions

Some equity grants are so tiny the transaction costs exceed the profits. We can (for free) help you structure+price+execute an imperfect hedge on the public markets via options against public assets. So you keep your equity, but limit downside.

Problem: Unknown Value

Multiple classes, liquidity preferences and tax treatments make valuation difficult. We can value your stock immediately. Just upload the equity docs and we'll value it, completely free.

Problem: Official Valuations

Sometimes you need more than a free calculator, e.g., for inheritance, unfortunate divorces, etc. We can create an official valuation report and provide full assumptions and valuation paths. Everything will be signed off by a CPA and Attorney.

We are also developing standardized documents for the technology community to use, which aims to make the entire industry run smoothly. We are working with a top Silicon Valley law firm to develop standard equity grant legal documentation that technology companies and their HR departments can use freely. This will help drive standardization, make company stock grants more attractive, reduce downstream legal friction on sales, and eventually facilite liquidity. We aim to have a standard long-form / short-form system by 2016-Q3. If you are a founder or HR partner interested in hearing more, contact us.

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We are technology founders and employees just like you -- so we get it. Our founders are ex-Wall street quants and investors, originating from JP Morgan's High Frequency Trading Group and AIG Financial Products. So we also understand how markets work, how derivatives are structured, liquidty solutions and bringing transactions to closure. We can price complex assets in our sleep. Most importantly, we understand you and your (our!) problems.

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